The VMA has proudly partnered with Event Health Management,  specialist in first aid, health and medical services. Their aim is to increase the presence of high quality pre-hospital care specific to events and venues. Event Health Management pride themselves on understanding the dynamic event environment and their ability to work with the management group and stakeholders. It is this insight and our experience which is an integral part of our identity. Everything Event Health Management do is directly connected to event health care.




Event Health Management support the growth of those working in the venue management industry and this year they are pleased to offer the inaugural Innovation Scholarship to attend VMS at Kingscliff, NSW in November.

The focus of this scholarship encompasses innovation. Event Health Management, itself an innovative organisation, recognises the benefits of new, unprecedented and inventive processes to see advancement within someone’s career and the industry as a whole.


Event Health Management Scholarship

Event Health Management Innovation Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria and Eligibility(Required)
To qualify, applicants must: • Have adequate experience and a level of skills and knowledge within the venue management industry to appropriately contribute to the School program for which they are applying (i.e. VMS Year 1, VMS Year 2, Leadership Institute). • Currently work in the venue management industry within the Asia-Pacific region. • Be 18 years of age or above. Do you meet the selection criteria and eligibility?
I am applying as... (select one)(Required)
Employer Confirmation to attend School(Required)
Approval from your current employer must be granted to release you from your work duties for the School week, should you be awarded this scholarship.
Please provide a description of your current position responsibilities.
Please provide a summary of your career goals and objectives.
In 500 words or less, please answer: 'WHY I SHOULD BE AWARDED THE EVENT HEALTH MANAGEMENT INNOVATION SCHOLARSHIP.' Please reference achievements specific to this scholarship.
Submit a two – three minute video describing ‘WHY I SHOULD BE AWARDED THE EVENT HEALTH MANAGEMENT INNOVATION SCHOLARSHIP.' Please reference achievements specific to this scholarship (production quality is not critiqued).
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Terms and Conditions
Please read and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this scholarship.


Zan Lewarn | Education Manager | Venue Management Association | 1300 001 862

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