History Of The Venue Management Association

Incorporated on the 6th August 1992 the Venue Management Association (Asia and Pacific) Ltd was created to pursue the following purpose(s):

  • To promote cooperation and mutual assistance between persons and organisations associated with public venue management;
  • To provide education and training and to assist in the establishment of educational programmes and courses for persons involved in public venue management;
  • To arrange meetings, conferences, conventions and trade exhibitions for the benefit of persons involved in public venue management and to publish and distribute material related to all its aspects;
  • To foster the use of public venues for the recreation and entertainment of the public and to encourage recognition by governments and the public that the use and development of public venues contributes economic and cultural benefits to the community;
  • To assist in developing the profession of public venue management at its highest level and in particular to develop a code of professional behaviour for all persons involved in public venue management; and
  • To meet and liaise with national and international associations of persons involved in public venue management and other allied organisations associated with the industry generally.

As a not-for-profit public company we are run by our members for their benefit and to promote the venue management industry as a whole.

Honour Roll

The VMA would like to acknowledge those members that have been awarded with Honorary Life membership of the Association in recognition of long and dedicated service to the VMA and its Members:


  • Lyn Hunter (Deceased)
  • Dexter King CVE
  • Dick Walsh (Deceased)
  • Maddie Jackson
  • Linton Lethlean
  • Shane Hewitt
  • Gareth James
  • John Benett
  • Rod Pilbeam
  • Harvey Lister

Past Presidents


Maddie Jackson

August 1992 – April 1993

Linton Lethlean

April 1993 – May 1995

Shane Hewitt

May 1995 – October 1996

Gareth James

October 1996 – April 1997

John Benett

April 1997 – December 1999

Tim Worton CVE

January 2000 – May 2003

Rod Pilbeam

May 2003 – May 2008

Steve Romer

May 2008 – May 2011

Brian Morris CVE

May 2011 – May 2014

Trevor Dohnt AVM

May 2014 – May 2017

Steve Harper CVE

May 2017 – July 2020


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2018 to recognise those members that have made a significant contribution to the Association and/or significant professional contribution to the venue management profession and industry in the Asia and Pacific region.


  • Sally Arch CVE (2018)
  • Cliff Wallace CVE (2019)

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