As we enter a world post lockdown and venues once gain have the opportunity to shine, Verbatim Lighting has lighting solutions to make your venue stand out from the rest.  Experienced lighting specialists in design, manufacturing and distributing commercial lighting solutions, Verbatim Lighting has several brands to suit every occasion and experience for both front and back of house, such as: The Lumex brand is synonymous with value, performance and overall quality.   Lumex has a LED solution for all your back of house commercial lighting needs.  We work with you to understand your individual lighting requirements and build a solution specifically to your venue.  Working collaboratively from the beginning to ensure we provide a total solution.

The Forlite brand offers a range of high quality, architectural lighting solutions providing designers with the tools to create the perfect environment to connect with the end users.   It’s critical that venues have the right lighting to get the impact that will enhance the consumer experience.  Forlite offers a range of downlights, track spots and LED Strips to ensure venues have a high end impact that will make your venue stand out from the rest.


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