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SUPPLIER: Perfectly Paired    TAGS: Business Consulting; Food & Beverage/Hospitality Services; Professional Services; Project Manager/Planning;  Sales/Commercial/Sponsorship

As the industry gradually reopens, with increasing concerns around labour, now is the time to review strategy, policies and procedures. Perfectly Paired is an Australian hospitality consulting service that matches the right catering solutions with the country’s best venues. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: PBM Safety   TAGS: COVID Safety; Information Technology (IT); OHS/Risk Management; Professional Services

PBM Safety now positioned to service both East and West Coasts of Australia with expanded service offering for venues and events, and expanded specialist expertise in our key markets. We are happy to announce that Jon Caisley has taken on the role of WA Safety Coordinator. Jon has a strong AV background and is well known in the WA Event and Entertainment scene. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Programus Australasia Pty Ltd – OPTIMO Software   TAGS:  Asset Management/Venue Maintenance; Box Office and Ticketing; Facility Management

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the industry over the last two years and posed an unprecedented challenge to the community and economy. With a combination of innovation and quality, OPTIMO aspires to make the future safe for the industry, staff, and customers, prioritising the last two years to develop strategies and ways to make it safe and convenient for all through innovative software features. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Hawkridge Entertainment Services   TAGS:  Accounting and Finance; Business Consulting; Professional Services; Project Manager/Planning

In this time of uncertainty and change, it is critical for venues and organisations to remain agile and responsive to the challenges that are presented. Hawkridge Entertainment Services is a boutique management consultancy company that specialises in providing strategic advice for the Venue Management industry. We are highly experienced in delivering expert guidance for organisations preparing and delivering complex infrastructure and strategic business projects. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Placard with HID Global  TAGS:  Box Office and Ticketing; COVID Safety

HID Global has developed the Events management platform (EMP) which offers multiple features designed to ease the transition into a covid safe experience. Through contactless ticketing solutions, a quick deploy access control system, contact tracing, physical distancing alerting and real time location services, a secure response to potential covid risks is ensured throughout the venues reopening plans. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Quayclean Australia  TAGS: Cleaning and Venue Presentation

Quayclean is marshalling its cleaning teams across Australia to keep over one million spectators, players, and officials COVID safe when the eagerly awaited men’s and women’s Ashes Test series and the Big Bash League (BBL) competition commences this week. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Vivaticket  TAGS: Box Office and Ticketing

Vivaticket are global suppliers of ticketing solutions for venues, covering arts, culture, leisure, attractions, sports and more.

Your ticketing department has likely been on a rollercoaster the last couple of years cancelling, and rescheduling shows; refunding and moving customers to accommodate government changes. We know because we’ve been there supporting them. Ticketing is an integral part of revenue creation, customer experience and event day operation for venues; and we make sure you’re ready. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Reliance Risk   TAGS: COVID Safety; Information Technology (IT); OHS/Risk Management ; Security

As venues and events across Australia and New Zealand re-open, there is an increasing need to understand and effectively manage risks that threaten success. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Verbatim Lighting   TAGS:  Architecture/Design; Production/ Technical/Back of House; Project Manager/Planning

As we enter a world post lockdown and venues once gain have the opportunity to shine, Verbatim Lighting has lighting solutions to make your venue stand out from the rest.  Experienced lighting specialists in design, manufacturing and distributing commercial lighting solutions, Verbatim Lighting has several brands to suit every occasion and experience for both front and back of house. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Big Screen Video (BSV)  TAGS: Architecture/Design; Marketing Media PR Communications Technology Digital; Production/ Technical/Back of House

We’re BSV, your true partner in big screen technology. We bring spaces to life through digital installations. From video walls, scoreboards, signage and AV integration, our LED and digital solutions make clubs more attractive to the crowds you want to engage. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Force Response Security    TAGS: Security; COVID Marshals

Ensuring a COVID safe and comfortable environment to return to is essential not only to you and your staff, but also to your customers, making sure the guest experience and safety is paramount to the reputation of your venue. We note that venues and events may become a hotspot for potential outbreaks due to the large crowds that will attend providing a challenging task of mitigating risk for your business, staff and customers. While dealing with outbreaks and infection control, venues are more vulnerable to security risks and breaches and physical security services are more essential to then ever before. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Ungerboeck   TAGS: Facility Management; Professional Services; Other

As a partner to the event industry, Ungerboeck is more dedicated than ever to developing the newest venue management solutions. The 2020 pandemic was a critical time, and we want to help the industry we love recover, reopen safely, and ensure staff are ready to best serve their customers. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: VenuePro    TAGS: Facility Management; Project Manager/Planning; Security

In this post pandemic world the use of technology has helped venues worldwide become more efficient and provide many services without the need for human interaction. We take a quick look at a few recent innovations. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Ecoglo    TAGS: Facility Management

Some years after the inception of Ecoglo’s hybrid photoluminescent (PL) exit sign, Standards Australia has released Technical Specification SA TS 5367: 2021, Hybrid photoluminescent signage – Product specification, installation and operation. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: 24/7 Software    TAGS: Asset Management/Venue Maintenance; Cleaning and Venue Presentation; COVID Safety; Facility Management; First Aid and Medical; Guest Services/Front of House; Information Technology (IT); OHS/Risk Management; Production/ Technical/Back of House; Security

24/7 Software developed this essential best practices guide for you to leverage your software during the COVID-19 crisis – proactively. We urge the importance of focusing on cleanliness and reducing risk by documenting and having a log of specific sanitation. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Gunnebo Australia    TAGS: Box Office and Ticketing; Membership; Production/ Technical/Back of House; Security

As we begin to navigate our way out of COVID and back into normality, ensuring an enjoyable customer experience is met is paramount in the rebuild of the venues industry. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: SKIDATA    TAGS: Box Office and Ticketing; COVID Safety; Security

COVID brought uncertainty not only in our daily lives but also venue operations. With patrons hesitant to come back, and ever-changing rules, SKIDATA is helping numerous venues worldwide to navigate towards new normal bringing back confidence to enjoy events at full scale again. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: MI    TAGS: Business Consulting; OHS/Risk Management; Project Manager/Planning

Globally, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has forced a transformation in the way venues function when hosting events. This has included significant adjustments to operational plans, commercial opportunities, resourcing models, infrastructure renewal and upgrade plans. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: SICO South Pacific    TAGS: • Food & Beverage/Hospitality Services; Production/ Technical/Back of House

Knowing your business has always been our business, and now that matters more than ever. Most of us would assume that a company founded in 1951 would have just about seen it all. Yet, here we are seventy years later, and SICO® is here to support you, our loyal and valued customers, through one of the most challenging times we have ever experienced in our industry. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Inzenius    TAGS: Payroll Systems

The Event industry has been one of the hardest impacted during the COVID pandemic but as always it will not only survive but prosper as we move on. In its history the event and hospitality industries have been one of the most progressive in helping people out of difficult times. The industry provides a sugar hit to the people which is in part due to it being such a thrill to attend events to lift the spirit of the population. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Team Axess    TAGS: COVID Safety, Box Office &Ticketing, Security

The post covid world is happening quicker in Europe and the US. Infection rates wreaked havoc on health systems. Our Island home had insulated us from full blown community outbreak, although that’s changed somewhat, it’s also left us behind the rest of the world in recovery. They learnt that vaccination was the key to returning to some form of normality. What does their new normal look like? Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: House of Tickets    TAGS: Box Office &Ticketing

House of Tickets – Celebrating 15 years! Producing all types of tickets for the best seats in the house! From the humble admit one roll ticket through to 3D lenticular collector tickets, we have all your bases covered. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Accredit Solutions   TAGS: Administration and Office Management Support, COVID Safety, Facility Management

Accredit Solutions understand the problems that Covid has meant for venues, stadiums and sporting events across the Globe which is why we have developed Accredit-GO. Our solution to help events run safely through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Baseline Behaviour & Consultancy   TAGS: Security

The Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry identified that mistakes were made. Mistakes were made by individuals and organisations. Having technologies like CCTV and metal detectors are fantastic tools but ONLY PEOPLE are able to have discussions, and make judgement calls. At Baseline Behaviour and Consultancy we train people to know what to look out for and more importantly how to resolve it. Click here for full post.

SUPPLIER: Clear Bag Shop   TAGS: Security

As we slowly move through numerous COVID lockdowns towards reopening our venues, what strategies do we need implement to be a “COVID Safe” venue and at the same time maintain a focus on security? One thing is clear, we have to be able to move people in and around our venues quicker than ever before. Historically, bag searching has caused congestion at entry points at venues as the process is slow, labour intensive, and requires some interaction between security and patrons. Click here for full post.

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