Quayclean is the chief provider of cleaning and waste management services to stadiums and public venues throughout Australia, but its wider client commitment includes achieving sustainable waste management practices, updating technologies and systems to reduce use of chemicals, energy, and water, and working internally towards becoming a carbon neutral business.

Underlining Quayclean’s sustainability pledge is its company-wide commitment to six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are aligned and relevant to its core operations.

By adopting these six Goals, Quayclean is convinced the business, and its workers, are contributing positively to protecting and restoring our planet.

As part of this commitment, Quayclean is proud to work in partnership with clients to develop and initiate waste separation techniques, avoiding contamination and increase recycling targets while reducing costs.

For example, since it was awarded the Sydney Opera House’s presentation, cleaning, and waste services contract in 2018, Quayclean has worked closely with its leadership and on-site stakeholders to increase recycling rates from 55% to 95% over the past five years.

While there is much to celebrate, Quayclean’s steadfast focus is on the path ahead – how it can continue to challenge itself to be better, continue to explore and introduce new systems and technologies, all while adding value and building customers for life.

Quayclean are also delighted to be principle sponsors of the VMA Mentoring Program, enabling experienced venue management industry professionals to share their knowledge, skills and insights with mentees through a one-on-one professional relationship.

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