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The challenge: How to let departments choose their own preferred event management tools while still being able to provide a business-wide calendar.  Can it be done?  Yes it can!

For larger organisations, in particular Councils and Arts Precincts, there can be multiple different event management businesses, including recreational spaces, facilities management and performing arts venues.  Each of these business units has particular needs, and finding a one-size-fits-all solution can be a challenge, often resulting in workarounds which impact efficiency.  What if each team could use their own preferred system, then feed into a central calendar?


The solution: Group Calendar.  First deployed to Walsh Bay Arts Precinct in Sydney in 2022, Group Calendar gives the Precinct team a view of events across the site, including events automatically imported and updated from Tenants’ own event management systems.

Heather Clarke, Precinct Manager, Walsh Bay Arts Precinct:

“Group Calendar has revolutionised the day to day and forward planning abilities of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct. It’s a unique business to business tool whereby every individual Company operating on site is now able to see the activity of other companies resulting in more streamlined operations and eliminating clashes. As the Precinct grows and activity builds, we can now plan with confidence that we have the complete picture. We are also able to customise reports to tell the story of past and future business activity”

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