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WISE – “It’s in your Hands” aims to eliminate single-use plastic cups from major sporting and festival events.

In Australia alone, over 60 million single-use cups are used every year within stadia, arenas, and festivals – with the majority either ending up as landfill in waste dumps, or polluting rivers, harbours and oceans. This proves to be a significant environmental hazard.
Our belief is that all single-use disposable plastic cups should be removed from all major sports and events and replaced with re-usable alternatives.

WISE have addressed this serious issue for the major event organisers and their guests/patrons by conducting both quantified and qualified market research and developing a seamless, user pays process. This process replaces all single use plastic cups with a
Superior more robust cup that enhances the patrons experience and can be washed and re-used up to 500 times.

All used cups are taken off site post any activity or event, thoroughly washed, dried, and sanitised at a WISE unique and IP protected washing plant. They are then hygienically sealed into transport crates and returned to the venue for the next event.

Having witnessed a change of mindset from venue operators, as they come to the realisation that there is no future in toxic single-use disposable plastic cups, re-usable cups are the smart way forward. WISE is now operational at venues across Australia.
Our clients have found that the WISE re-usable cup solution is clearly more advanced than any other competitors product, and it is a product that consumers are happy to use.
That’s why we say, by supplying WISE re-usable cups, that the environmental solution is “In Your Hands” – a tagline that is resonating with the hundreds of thousands of patrons who have used our cups so far.

WISE is a true win-win-win-and-win partnership between the four
Major stakeholders involved.

• The general public – who gets to actively participate in reducing their waste footprint
• The venue – which eliminates thousands of cubic metres of waste from landfill each year and reduces post event cleaning costs by up to 25%
• The caterer – who no longer needs to purchase single-use plastic cups
• Our environment


Visit: www.itsinyourhands.com.au

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