Why has Ross Video decided to sponsor the Venue Professional of the Year Award?

Apr 4, 2023Blog

The Venue Industry Awards at this year’s 30th Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress are set to be bigger and better than ever before, with Ross Video stepping in as the new sponsor of the Venue Professional of the Year Award.

This exciting development highlights the continued growth and recognition of the Awards program, as well as the importance of recognizing industry professionals who drive excellence in the venue industry.

As a leading video production technology manufacturer specializing in end-to-end solutions for venues, Ross Video is well-positioned to sponsor an award that recognizes outstanding individuals who have contributed to the success of events and venues. In a recent interview with the VMA, Ross Video stated that they are proud to sponsor this award, as it is a way to recognize industry professionals who drive excellence and innovation. By sponsoring an award that recognizes these achievements in the industry, Ross Video hopes to show its alignment with quality and innovation.

But why is it important to recognize venue professionals in the industry? According to Ross Video, recognizing venue professionals is important for several reasons that are consistent with its positioning in the live events industry. The award will help celebrate excellence, showcase industry best practices, help build stronger relationships, and promote the industry as a whole.

For VMA Members, the Venue Professional of the Year Award is a great opportunity to showcase their talents, build their network, and gain valuable recognition and exposure in the industry. Even those who are nominated but do not win the award will benefit from reflecting on their accomplishments and continue to build their network throughout the event. Ross Video is pleased to be a part of this and is looking forward to celebrating the achievements of the winner.

Nevertheless, Ross Video’s partnership with the VMA goes beyond the sponsoring of an award. As a leading technology manufacturer, Ross Video is well positioned to provide VMA Members with the solutions they need to engage fans, increase revenue, and get the most out of their LED signage, big screen, and scoreboard systems. By partnering with Ross Video, VMA Members can leverage the expertise of a company that has a proven track record of success in the industry.

VMA Members who attend the 30th Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress and Awards event can network with other industry professionals and take the opportunity to connect with Ross Video and other valuable partners in the industry, to gain valuable insights and knowledge that can help drive success in their own venues.


Visit Ross Video at Booth #13 at this year’s 30th Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress.

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