VMA25 – our strategic plan

Jan 19, 2022From the VMA President

On behalf of the VMA Board I am delighted to release VMA25 – our Strategic Plan for the 2022-2025 period.

In creating VMA25 – the Board envisions a future for the Association with a clear overriding purpose – to be the hub that connects and advances venue industry participants to best serve their community.

VMA25 is a forward looking document that outlines the aspirations of the Association over the coming four year window.

The last two years has highlighted the opportunities that are open to the Association, in having understood the limitations of our existing pathway.

Our Members will forever remain our central and primary focus, while we take on higher ambitions to transition from representation of our community to strategic leadership of our industry.

We seek to be a more responsive Association with greater influence that will support our members and industry needs. We will continue to exploit our current strengths of networking, Congress and School as we seek to continuously improve these core pillars and accommodate the diverse needs of all layers of the industry. At the same time explore new opportunities that will position the VMA as both a respected industry representative and an essential strategic asset.

We aspire to better engage with both our alumni and the academic community to strengthen our research capability and be the custodians of key market intelligence on behalf of our Members. We look to entrench our status as the industry’s accreditation body and work with Members to formulate benchmark industry standards.

With improved understanding of our industry metrics and data we can position the VMA to be more responsive, more strategic and of enhanced value to our membership.

On behalf of the VMA I would like to publically thank Augment Consulting for the enormous contribution to the process. Over the past year the Board have been working with Edmund Koza at Augment Consulting on the development of the plan, with assistance from Professor Geoff Martin of the Melbourne Business School.

Please click here to view the VMA25 Strategic Plan.

Yours sincerely
Leighton Wood
VMA President

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