VMA launches the Institute of Venue Safety and Security

May 25, 2023Industry News

The Venue Management Association launches the Institute of Safety and Security


The launch of the Institute of Venue Safety and Security (IVSS) by the Venue Management Association (VMA) is an important step in improving safety, security and risk management in venues in the Asia-Pacific region. The Institute aims to deliver training and education to both venue employees and suppliers to the industry, and offers the resources and tools needed to face this ever-changing landscape.

The VMA is accepting enrolments now for the inaugural edition of the IVSS, taking place at CommBank Stadium, Sydney from Sunday, 27 August to Friday, 1 September 2023. Enrolment fees include five nights’ accommodation at Novotel Sydney Parramatta, all meals during the program; site tours; textbook; Graduation Ceremony and Dinner.

With the growing complexity of security threats and risks, crowd safety, the multifaceted nature of compliance, and the changing nature of what is recognised as industry best practice, the need for a dedicated industry recognised training program addressing these challenges has become paramount within the venue management industry. The VMA’s inaugural IVSS is a significant step towards enhancing the industry’s prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities. The IVSS is a tailored program for people working in the venue management industry, supplying the industry or working in safety and security.

The IVSS’s mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and training to keep our venues safe and secure, and to understand and manage the broad range of threats that can impact the hosting of successful events.

The launch comes at a time when the region faces an evolving security landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for greater resilience and preparedness in the face of health emergencies, and to apply an ‘all hazards’ approach to the management of risk. At the same time, the rise of cybercrime and geopolitical tensions in the region pose significant risks to Australia’s economic and national security. The IVSS will bring together experts from various disciplines to deliver innovative solutions to these challenges and will be a hub for cutting-edge training and development.

Wayne Middleton CVE, the IVSS Chair notes, “The IVSS’s launch has been welcomed by stakeholders across the industry. In addition to training and education, the IVSS will also serve as a platform for collaboration and networking among venue managers, event organisers, safety, security and risk management professionals; as well as suppliers to the sector. This will facilitate the sharing of world’s best practices and the development of new strategies to address emerging threats and assist in building a more resilient and secure venue management industry.”

One of the key features of the IVSS is its multidisciplinary approach drawing on expertise from a range of fields, including law and compliance, risk assessment, emergency  planning, incident management, crowd management,  behavioural awareness, and cyber science, to address complex safety and security issues. This approach reflects the reality that safety and security threats are increasingly interconnected and require diverse perspectives and skills to tackle effectively.

The IVSS will help to ensure venues are prepared to handle any potential threats and provide an enjoyable, safe and secure environment for their patrons.

For further information, contact Zan Lewarn at education@vma.org.au or 0412 935 731. Registration is now open and attendees can register via the VMA website at https://www.vma.org.au/ivss/.

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