VMA Family to Endure

Sep 24, 2020From the VMA President

It is an understatement to say that our industry finds itself in less than positive circumstances. It is facing unique and serious challenges. Those challenges flow through to and have been felt by your Association. And like you, your Association will meet these challenges and come out wiser and more adaptable than ever before.

We are fortunate to have in place a talented, experienced and committed Board and management team with a variety of qualities. Among these qualities is a determination to ensure VMA continues, as it has done for almost 30 years, to deliver value to its membership of almost 900. From day one of my involvement with VMA I have detected a sense of family among its membership. Our members generally care for each other and the level of professionalism within our industry. There is no doubt in my mind that this fraternal environment has contributed to a venue management industry in Asia and Pacific that is internationally regarded. We share, we care and together we aspire.

We all crave the opportunity to once again come together face to face and when the time is right we will. In the meantime we will find different ways to keep connected, share knowledge and support each other.

For example, your VMA remains committed to continuing to support you through the delivery of programs like the Digital Series and working with like-minded organisations through the Live Entertainment Industry Forum to ensure as expeditious return to ‘normal’ operation as possible. We are currently looking at what our 2021 Congress will look like but I can assure you that regardless of the final format, it will be chock full of insights, takeaways and sharing of relevant knowledge. And of course, we will have our highly regarded Venue Management School and Leadership Institute return in 2021.

Be assured, our VMA family will endure – bring on the next 30 years!

Leighton Wood

VMA President

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