Venue Industry Awards: Supporting Our Allied Partners

Feb 27, 2024Blog, Member News, Venue Industry Awards

Since 2010, the Venue Industry Awards have been a highlight of the VMA Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress Gala Dinner, shining a spotlight on industry professionals who demonstrate excellence in their respective sectors.  Among the awards, one coveted category is the Allied Professional of the Year Award, recognising the significant impact of our industry partners and suppliers.

Allied Members are instrumental in event execution, providing invaluable solutions across various domains such as software technology, venue design, catering, seating, turf, security, medical, and lighting to name a few.  Driven by an unwavering passion for venues and a commitment to excellence, these Members continuously strive to deliver the latest innovations and technological advancements to elevate our industry.

At the VMA, we take great pride in celebrating these individuals and their vital contributions to our industry, helping to shape memorable experiences for our patrons.

Spotlight on a Past Winner: Steve Mackenzie CVE

In 2023, Steve Mackenzie CVE, Chief Innovation Officer at Momentus Technologies, was honoured with the Allied Professional of the Year Award. We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Steve to discuss this momentous achievement and it’s impact. 

VMA: What have you been up to since winning the Allied Professional of the Year Award in 2023?

Steve: It’s been a pretty crazy time since I was humbled with this Award, our company is going through a massive change so I have been heavily involved in that evolution. And that’s just my day job. Additionally, immediately after last year’s VMA Congress, I had the responsibility of being Chair of the IAVM Venue Management School in June, which was a record year – 300+ students and a great experience. I also spoke at several events around the world on topics related to event technology, such as AIPC’s annual Congress in Luxembourg, Convention Centres of Canada’s (CCC) Congress in Quebec City, and later in the year also taught at the inaugural CCC Academy in Toronto. And of course, continued as an instructor at the VMA Venue Management School in November. So it’s been quite the year! 

VMA: What did it mean to you personally and professionally to win the Award?

Steve:  To me, the best recognition of who I am as a person and how I am perceived by my peers is the ultimate goal I strive for. So to win this award is truly an honour. 

VMA: What initially drew you to a career in this industry, and how has your passion for your field evolved?

Steve: Like many of us, life’s journey dictated the path I took more so than any specific plan, but I worked in hospitality for almost a decade, and then had an opportunity to transition more to the event/venue side after this. Having spent the past 25+ years in the industry now, it really has shaped a massive part of my life. It’s such a vibrant industry and I was lucky to have a couple of great mentors along the way, which has helped me see the real rewards of giving back and helping serve the industry better by getting involved with various associations such as VMA and IAVM.

VMA: What would you say to your peers to encourage them to nominate a deserving friend or colleague for an award this year?

Steve:  Please take the time to recognise the work your peers are putting in by nominating someone deserving for an award. So many people volunteer countless hours to the industry and the Association, there is no better reward for this than nominating them for an award.

Nominate Now!

Now is your chance to recognise the hard work and dedication of your partners, colleagues and friends. Click here to nominate someone deserving for a Venue Industry Award today.

Join us in celebrating excellence and innovation in the venue management industry. Together, let’s honour those who continue to raise the bar and inspire others to do the same.

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