Ungerboeck Launches Risk Management Tool for Venues and Events

Jun 14, 2022Supplier Spotlight

Above: Steve Mackenzie and Wayne Middleton CVE

Ungerboeck, the global leader in event management software, announced at the VMA Congress that it is debuting an industry-first application for mitigating risk to events and venues after acquiring the products developed by risk management agency Reliance Risk.

Risk management is an essential part of venue management and event planning. As the industry continues to be impacted by major shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic, terrorism, accidents, and severe weather incidents, Ungerboeck is committed to helping its customers better manage risks of all kinds.

The acquisition of Reliance Risk products, RiskSense101 and VRM360, gives Ungerboeck the power to offer a valuable new solution: Risk Manager by Ungerboeck. The new application is specifically designed to give venues and event organisers a better understanding of threats and help them be proactive instead of reactive in the face of potential issues.

“The unique nature of events dictates the need for a customised, simple, but powerful technology solution to help mitigate and monitor risk,” said Wayne Middleton CVE, founder of Risk Sense Technologies and co-developer of the new application. “We have built this into Risk Manager by Ungerboeck and are grateful for the shared vision, passion, and global reach that Ungerboeck brings to help our industry manage risk.”

Steve Mackenzie, Executive Vice President of Ungerboeck, said the new application fills a void in the market.

“Over the past few years, several events have become major headlines for all the wrong reasons,” he said. “Think of the Manchester Arena bombing, the shooting in Las Vegas, or the Astroworld crowd incident. By offering this tool, we are ensuring venue and event operators are equipped to identify potential risks and produce the necessary tasks and reports to back up the process.”

Before joining the Ungerboeck family, Middleton’s risk management software was already used in venues across the Asia-Pacific Region.

“Qudos Bank Arena, along with the larger ASM Global operated venues throughout Australia, have held a license to the software for over seven years. It has been an important tool in helping us understand the risks that our venues encounter and ensure that we have taken appropriate measures to mitigate them,” said Steve Hevern CVE, General Manager of Qudos Bank Arena. “We congratulate Wayne and Ungerboeck on this global partnership.”

Middleton will continue in his role as Managing Director of Reliance Risk, and as a risk management consultant, setting the benchmark for best practices across the industry. “We’ll build on the unique system that Wayne, a world-renowned risk management expert, has developed over the past decade,” Mackenzie said. “This is incredibly exciting for the market to finally have access to a dedicated risk management software.”

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