The Power of Connection: How to Network Effectively

Jan 11, 2024Blog

Discover the power of forging meaningful connections at a VMA After 5! Networking event—a gateway to transformative career growth. Spanning major centers across Australia and in conjunction with EVANZ in New Zealand throughout the year, these gatherings stand as a cornerstone for VMA Members and their guests. Regardless of your experience level, these events are an opportunity to cultivate existing relationships and initiate new ones within the industry, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among venue and event professionals.

Participation in an After 5! Networking event unlocks doors to a multitude of advantages with a profound impact on your professional journey. Beyond merely expanding your professional network, these occasions, held in a relaxed setting, facilitate enduring connections and create opportunities for lasting relationships. This platform encourages the exchange of knowledge, sparking meaningful conversations, sharing experiences, and gaining valuable perspectives from fellow professionals.

Immerse yourself in an intimate setting, to gain insights from distinguished industry experts. Picture a laid-back atmosphere where engaging with expert speakers and fellow professionals about challenges relevant to venue management and operation is encouraged. These sessions provide a unique chance to delve into industry trends, tackle challenges, and explore innovative solutions with the best in the business. Furthermore, these networking events serve as a stage to elevate your personal brand. Showcase your expertise, refine your professional image, and fortify your individuality within the industry.

But that’s not all! Our networking events can also provide you with a career stepping stone, with the opportunity for you to shine as a speaker. Share your knowledge and insights from your career experience. Become a thought leader in your field, contribute to the collective wisdom of the industry, and amplify your impact.

Attending an After 5! Networking event offers an invaluable opportunity to discover new collaborations, partnerships, or promising career prospects from the connections forged. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect, share, and learn at our upcoming After 5! Networking events. Secure your spot now for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary networking affair:

We are eagerly awaiting our first After 5! Networking event of 2024 in a few weeks’ time on Wednesday, 7 February, at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville. We hope to see you there!

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