Supplier Spotlight: Greater Focus on the Active Threat Environment

Nov 28, 2019Supplier Spotlight

Rick Rescorla was the Security Director for Stanley Morgan, who occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Centre, New York. After witnessing the poor response effort to the 1993 terrorist attack, where a bomb blew-up in the building’s basement, Rescorla vowed that such a muddled exodus would never happen again.

Believing the World Trade Centre was a particularly vulnerable target, Rick ensured through planning and education that staff of Stanley Morgan were sufficiently trained and assessed in emergency evacuation drills. In the lead up to the events of 9/11, employees of Stanley Morgan conducted regular emergency preparedness training in line with the building risks identified through regular security risk assessments. Due to Rescorla’s foresight, all but 13 Morgan Stanley employees safely exited the building.

When looking for guidance on the correct emergency preparedness strategy to implement, the Australian Standard 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, provides the tools needed to ensure occupants are appropriately prepared. Since AS3745’s inception in 1990, it has continued to evolve, maintaining relevance and currency in line with the threat and risk environment. The current version supports the significant threat increase resulting in the release of Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism released in 2017, as well as the National Counter Terrorism Plan released in the same year.

Emergency preparedness must incorporate a holistic approach, empowering occupants to respond appropriately to any of the 36 different types of emergencies workplaces are exposed to today. Risk assessments, plans, procedures and training must be combined to ensure facilities are appropriately secured and protected to mitigate risk and threat.

First 5 Minutes (F5M) is the recognised leader in the field of Emergency Response Preparedness to a vast range of clients across Australia. For over 30 years, we have been helping clients mitigate people and property risk associated with responding to an emergency event.

F5M delivers a broad range of services including a comprehensive risk capability where we can identify all risk and threats within or around your facility and recommend the appropriate mitigation strategies.

In an emergency, site information relating to venue floor plans, entry and exit points and safe routes must be immediately available to emergency services. The importance of this was evident during the Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege 2014 in which First 5 Minutes were called upon to provide floor plans. The plans were immediately retrievable from our online program management tool Webconnect.

The evolution of the Standard and constant training as stipulated within AS3745 has resulted in a culture of knowledge and understanding in how to respond in a fire emergency. Aligning the guidelines with Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism with the culture evident in AS3745 will ensure facilities and their occupants have the appropriate level of comprehension and ability to practically apply that understanding in response to the entire suite of risk and threat concerns.

About First 5 Minutes

First 5 Minutes is the industry leader in Emergency Preparedness. For over 30 years, we have been delivering a broad range of services including a comprehensive risk and preparedness capability. We constantly invest in technical innovations providing, 24/7 access to compliance management and reporting; virtual reality training; and through our online service, clients can access training remotely.

First 5 Minutes is one of the specialist business units that make up First Five Group. F5G owns and holds controlling shares in- First 5 Minutes, Sky5, Sharp5, RiskLogic and FirstAction. Collectively providing services in risk, safety, crisis & emergency management and business continuity.

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