Reliance Risk announces Partnership with Pandemic Protect to launch Venue COVID-Safe

Nov 11, 2020Supplier Spotlight

Supplying Australia and New Zealand

Sydney, Australia— 12 November 2020 — Reliance Risk has announced a strategic partnership with Pandemic Protect to offer Venue COVIDSafe products.As our region continues the slow recovery from COVID-19 restrictions, having reliable product supplies for infection control will be an important part of helping to manage this risk and keeping venues safe.

“Over the past 6-9 months venues have experienced variability in COVIDSafe-related products and we believe venues need a safe, credible and reliable supply that is of a high standard and well priced. After searching the market we considered Pandemic Protect strongly reflected those values and capability.” said Wayne Middleton, Managing Director of Reliance Risk.

Pandemic Protect has also partnered with the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation and National Seniors Australia to provide PPE and other products to vulnerable populations in health and aged care.

“When COVID-19 struck, like many, we were forced to pivot to look after our client’s needs. With our sister brand, National Travel, we were already providing many of these products to leisure and corporate travelers flying to various destinations around the world. Through existing distribution channels in health and safety-related products, it seemed logical for us to expand this offering to help other markets. We have known Reliance Risk for many years and are proud to partner with them to help their clients become Venue COVIDSafe” said David Sumich, Managing Director of Pandemic Protect.

For more information visit the Reliance Risk website under Venue COVIDSafe.

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