Priava During The Covid-19 Lockdown

May 21, 2020Supplier Spotlight

The current situation is a difficult time for all of us in the venue and events industry.

Priava is standing strong with clients and the VMA organisation to get through the Covid-19 period together and build a better future. As such, Priava continues to support the VMA for the next conference and the upcoming After 5! events. Priava also has developed a few new initiatives to support the venue and event industry.

Free weekly webinars & training sessions

Our most successful initiative for our clients is our free weekly webinar series. These webinars cover a wide range of topics from the Covid-19 crisis to some best practices’ workshops. They are held in a 30 min format with 20 mins of training and 10 mins of Q&A. These webinars are great to attend if the user needs a refresher or would like to improve a certain area of Priava’s Software.

On top of that, all our webinars are available on replay the same day. We understand that some of our clients and users are on hold at the moment, so we wanted to make sure that they get access to the sessions when they return to work.

Our webinars are appreciated and now part of our client’s routine. It is a nice way to keep in touch and provide our clients with useful information and support.

New features & partnerships to better support our clients

Priava is also using this time to develop new features and improve existing ones. Our new Online Booking Module will be released at the end of the month and includes new features and lots of enhancements to make our client experience better than ever before. Priava has also launched an online payment gateway to enable one-click invoice payment without the need of a third-party portal. This additional feature is free, does not need pre-authorisation, and can be switched on by clients from their Priava backend.

One of the improvements in our partnerships include a bi-directional sync for contacts, organisations and opportunities between Priava and Salesforce. Another is that Priava is now an Oracle Netsuite global SDN partner. Besides a seamless two-way integration to Netsuite, Priava can now integrate to Oracle POS solutions and other Oracle solutions. We recognise the value that NetSuite brings to our customers, in particular large-scale venues like convention centres, stadiums and arenas. This global partnership allows our customers to leverage the benefits of both systems and transform the way that they manage their events and venue bookings.

New website for

Last but not least, Priava has used the current downtime to develop a new website.

This revamp not only improves the user experience but also includes a stronger focus on our clients’ experience with Priava Venue & Event Management software and a clear understanding of our solution and overall functionalities.

We are looking at providing further assistance to our customers so they can maximise their success upon easing of restrictions. Feel free to reach out if there is anything we can assist you with.

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