Newest VMA Honourary Life Member: Tim Worton CVE

May 22, 2024Blog, Congress 2024, Member News, Venue Industry Awards

The VMA recognises Honourary Life Membership as one of the most prestigious awards available to our Members. It is bestowed upon individual Members who have provided exceptional, loyal, and outstanding service and contributions to the Association over an extended period. 

Life Membership is not merely a title; it is a testament to a lifetime of devotion and passion. It symbolises a deep-rooted commitment to our organisation’s values and mission, a commitment that transcends time and extends far beyond the ordinary.

Industry stalwart Tim Worton CVE became the VMA’s newest Honourary Life Member at Tuesday night’s Gala Dinner, as part of the 31st Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress. We are thrilled to welcome him to the ranks of this esteemed group.

Tim first joined the VMA as a Member in 1994. This was one year after the establishment of the Association, and coincided with his attendance as a student at the inaugural Venue Management School that year. He would complete year two in 1995, then return as a lecturer in 1997, where he would continue teaching at the School for a further 22 years.

Tim served on the VMA Board from 1997 to 2003, and was the VMA President from January 2000 to May 2003.

During his tenure, Tim has either served on or contributed to every committee on the Board, with a particular focus on Professional Development- education being the area of Tim’s greatest contribution to the VMA over his 30-year association with us.

Some of Tim’s other notable contributions to the VMA include:

  • Chair of the Venue Management School from 2005-2008
  • started the VMA Leadership Institute based on the IAVM’s Graduate Institute Program and served as inaugural Dean from 2014-2016
  • was the driving force behind the development and roll-out of the After 5! Networking program
  • participated in the inaugural year (2023) of the Quayclean Mentoring Program as a Mentor
  • has long been the moderator for the Promoters Panel at the annual Congress, facilitating promoters’ participation as a result of his industry relationships

Tim would be regarded by many in the VMA as the preeminent leader within the industry. He has shown himself to be an incredible role model who understands the VMA’s unique offering of education and networking as the underpinning elements of what makes the Association what it is, and there has been no Member who has had more impact in the past 30 years in regards those offerings from the VMA.

On receiving his Honourary Life Membership, Tim also announced his retirement after 33 years in the industry, making this his 30th consecutive and last-ever Congress. Tim plans to attend Moore Theological College next year and move into a pastoral role following that. 

As we at the VMA honour Tim with Honourary Life Membership, we celebrate not just his achievements but the legacy he has built—a legacy of excellence, integrity, and service. May this honour serve as a testament to Tim’s remarkable contributions and inspire future generations to follow in his footsteps.

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