The VMA has proudly partnered with Momentus Technologies – an innovative software company providing end-to-end event and venue management solutions for more than 50,000 event professionals worldwide. Momentus Technologies’ intuitive digital solutions simplify event planning, enhance execution and ease processes at every touchpoint in the customer journey. Whether its managing meetings, seminars, conventions or conferences, Momentus Technologies software can reliably unite people, data and processes across an entire organisation. Manage sales, events, scheduling, registration, exhibitors, financials, and more to provide an amazing customer experience each and every time.



Momentus Technologies are passionate about empowering venue and event professionals with the tools, training and support they need to excel in what they do. As part of this commitment, Momentus have worked closely with the VMA to provide recognition, education, and networking opportunities for the industry.

Momentus Technologies are proud to be extending their partnership with the VMA by offering a scholarship for one person to attend the Institute of Venue Safety and Security in Sydney, NSW, in August.

The focus of this scholarship will be centred around the themes of diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

Momentus recognises the valuable role that events play in nurturing relationships and breaking down barriers between people. As a result, this scholarship opportunity has been designed to celebrate the diversity in our industry and support the next generation of venue managers who help shape the future of events, making them more inclusive for all.

Interested in sharing your story with us? Submit your entry below and let us know how you’ve contributed to promoting diversity, equality and inclusiveness in our industry.


Momentus Technologies Scholarship

Momentus Technologies Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria and Eligibility(Required)
To qualify, applicants must: • Have adequate experience and a level of skills and knowledge within the venue management industry to appropriately contribute to the IVSS program. • Currently work in the venue management industry within the Asia-Pacific region. • Be 18 years of age or above. Do you meet the selection criteria and eligibility?
Employer Confirmation to attend IVSS(Required)
Approval from your current employer must be granted to release you from your work duties for the IVSS week, should you be awarded this scholarship.
Please provide a description of your current position responsibilities.
Please provide a summary of your career goals and objectives.
In 500 words or less, please answer: 'WHY I SHOULD BE AWARDED THE MOMENTUS TECHNOLGIES DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSIVENESS SCHOLARSHIP.' Please reference achievements specific to this scholarship.
Submit a two – three minute video describing ‘WHY I SHOULD BE AWARDED THE MOMENTUS TECHNOLOGIES DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSIVENESS SCHOLARSHIP.' Please reference achievements specific to this scholarship (production quality is not critiqued).
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Terms and Conditions(Required)
Please read and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this scholarship.


Suzie Crawford | Education Manager | Venue Management Association | 1300 001 862

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