MI is delighted to partner with WeTrack

Aug 27, 2020Supplier Spotlight

MI and WeTrack announce partnership

MI and WeTrack are delighted to announce a collaborative partnership to provide a holistic service for major event and venue planning.

Chris Stanley, Managing Director of MI Associates, welcomed the partnership with WeTrack.

Chris said: “WeTrack, led by Peter Ward, is an event delivery software system that delivers project and risk management, event control and incident management to major events and venues across the world. It is fantastic to be able to work in partnership with Peter and his team to provide an integrated project management process for major events and venues.”

Peter Ward, Managing Director of WeTrack, noted it was a logical fit as MI has continued to expand its range of major event projects and can draw on WeTrack’s expertise and systems to help clients improve operations.

Peter said: “We are pleased to be entering the Australian market in partnership with such a well-regarded global organisation as MI. We hope that our combined global experience and MI’s local understanding will allow us to provide a valuable service to major events and venues worldwide.”

Chris and his team have extensive experience in large-scale, high-profile global projects, including being involved in every Summer Olympic Games since 2000 and every Rugby World Cup since 2003.

The new partnership will provide the opportunity for WeTrack and MI to complement each other’s services for clients to develop or enhance their delivery of major events and venues.

For example, MI can now offer new service offerings through the partnership, including:

· Provision of advanced project management, master planning and ongoing project management & reporting through the WeTrack software solution.

· Delivery of advanced risk management planning and ongoing risk management reporting through the WeTrack solution including event incident management reporting and management.

· Provision of advanced event planning and delivery utilising the WeTrack system to manage the process.

WeTrack provides a series of tools to help you ensure continuity through event or venue planning, delivery, control and lessons learned. WeTrack’s event delivery software improves the operations of the best events, venues and organisations in the world. We can help you during COVID-19, and beyond.

For further information about WeTrack’s services, or for a free demo, please visit their website at www.wetrack.com or contact Peter by email at peter@wetrack.com.

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