Calling for Member Content for the VMA Digital Series

Jan 18, 2022Member News

The VMA is delighted to provide the opportunity for Members to get involved in the VMA Digital Series in 2022.

  • Are you a budding reporter yearning to interview a colleague or business associate superstar with a story to tell?
  • Do you have a unique take on an industry issue that can provide solutions for our Members?
  • Do you have a story relevant to the venue management industry?
  • Has your workplace accomplished something amazing within the industry you want to share?

Pitch your ideas to us!

The hugely successful VMA Digital Series has returned in 2022 and we want to hear from you, our Members! The Digital Series provides educational content to our industry and our people, exploring current and relevant topics.

Over the last two years, the series has delivered case studies from international panellists; discussions on venue management and supplying to the industry throughout the pandemic; mental health and relationship management; and many other topics.

In 2022 the VMA is keen to provide the opportunity to the industry for Member generated content to be showcased in the Series.

This is your opportunity to facilitate a live session, pre-record an interview or present your workplace’s innovations. This is as simple as recording something on your phone. Whilst this is definitely not a sales pitch, your name, brand and organisation will be showcased in our fortnightly newsletters, on our website and through direct emails to VMA Members. Plus, all episodes will be added to our Digital Series library with the opportunity of gaining hundreds of views.

Whatever is produced must have informative, current and educational content relevant to the venue management industry.

You can review our past sessions here.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact:

Zan Lewarn, Education Manager

0412 935 731

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