Learn more about VMA’s After 5! Networking Events Sponsor: Grosvenor Engineering Group

May 10, 2023Supplier Spotlight

The VMA is delighted to shed light on Grosvenor Engineering Group, one of our key event sponsors of this year’s 30th Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress. 

Please come and meet the Grosvenor Engineering Group, After 5! Networking Events sponsor on the Trade Floor at booth #1.

It is essential that venues and other hospitality spaces where large groups of people gather, are safe, operate efficiently and that there is no disruption of service, especially during an event. Whether a stadium, entertainment venue, club, casino, restaurant, gallery or museum, you want guests to leave having had a positive experience and a great time.

The overall experience is paramount to the reputation of the venue, as the reputation and brand can be impacted if people have an unpleasant experience. Therefore, proactive maintenance of HVAC, Fire and Electrical assets is important. Grosvenor Engineering Group’s (GEG) asset management system collects asset data and provides the tools to manage total asset lifecycle, reducing risk and mitigating the chances of unforeseen reactive breakdowns, which can lead to occupant discomfort or safety risk to people and property.

At GEG, we have over 25 years’ experience providing endto-end solutions across Australia and New Zealand to many hospitality facilities.

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GEG has developed an integrated service delivery model that achieves tangible outcomes for venues. We offer an integrated solution on operational equipment including — HVAC, Fire and Electrical assets. In addition to our core technical services, we also offer a range of advisory services in asset validation and condition auditing, sustainability and HVAC engineering design for hospitality spaces.

Ensure business continuity for a positive guest experience
People want a pleasant experience when they are in your venue. The disruption to services such as power outages can mean lost profits, damage to your reputation, or inconvenience for spectators and guests. It is imperative for any venue facility manager to ensure the continuity of services and ensure they are prepared for possible downtime.

Safety is Priority
Venues are hospitality and leisure spaces with large numbers of occupants’ onsite, especially during an event. Safety of people cannot be compromised. We offer a range of solutions for your facility though our HVAC, Fire and Electrical services, to protect people and your venue.

Optimise your operations
Venues operate for long periods of time throughout the day, so running costs are generally high. Keeping operational costs down is an important factor, without compromising on safety and comfort of occupants. Ensuring a reduction in energy and water usage leads to lower energy and operational running expenses.

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