Leadership Institute Session Spotlight: DiSCovering Your Leadership Style

Sep 27, 2023Blog

What does it mean to become a more effective leader, and are you equipped to helm a team with diverse personality types?

In every work environment, there is one common factor; each person has their own way of working and dealing with challenges. Have you ever realised just how different each of your team members can be? Learning to effectively manage these different behavioural styles is key to keeping your events running smoothly.

The Leadership Institute (LI) kicks off with a Sunday afternoon session, where Richard Andersen CVE ICD.D will take you on an insightful journey of self-discovery with the DiSC® personal profile system. This comprehensive assessment:

  • Forms the foundation for your week-long LI experience.
  • Identifies and defines your unique leadership style and that of your peers.

  • Serves as a valuable point of reference throughout the week and in subsequent learning sessions.

By using this profile, you will learn to identify the four basic behavioural styles, gain deeper insights into your own core style and learn how yours differs from others. This will both help you relate to your fellow students for the week, and prepare you to better lead projects and develop your team.

This session builds the foundation for you to:

  • Identify and appreciate the four core styles of human behavior outlined in  DiSC®.
  • Gain the ability to articulate your own behavioral strengths.
  • Understand how these dimensions of behaviour prefer to be treated, which will facilitate stronger working relationships with your team and lead to smoother interactions.

By learning to appropriately adapt your behaviour to the dimensions of behaviour in any situation, you will be well prepared to embrace the concept of situational leadership and develop specific strategies for success. Ultimately, you will become a leader who can guide your team to work together more effectively, driving success and growth within your organization.

In the following video, you will hear from Richard Andersen CVE ICD.D about the applicable benefits of the DiSC® personal profile system.

This is a great opportunity to develop your skills no matter where you are in your leadership journey, whether you have helmed a team successfully for many years, are just growing into your leadership role, or aspire to take the next step – join us at the Leadership Institute this November!

 Spots are filling up fast, apply today: www.vma.org.au/enrol-now/

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