IAVM’s 2021 Call for Committee Nominations

Feb 10, 2021Member News

Did you know that as a financial member of the VMA you also receive reciprocal membership of the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) in the US. Through our strong and long standing affiliation agreement one of the benefits of our relationship is that VMA members can also apply for Committee positions with the IAVM.

There are currently a number of VMA members sitting on some of the 24 IAVM standing committees and we encourage anyone looking to access these international opportunities, and add to your professional experience, to consider applying.

Among the many volunteer opportunities is service on one of the association’s committees. IAVM has two types of committees: board committees and management committees. A board committee helps the board do its work, of oversight, strategy and member engagement. Management committees help IAVM’s management do its work, of meeting the board’s goals and effectively operating the association to deliver benefits to our members.

IAVM President & CEO Brad Mayne, CVE stated “I was invited to volunteer for IAVM, and it has proven to be the best experiences in my career. I learned from others, I met friends and honored colleagues, and experienced mentorship from some of the best venue professionals in the industry. My volunteer work propelled me to higher positions in venue management than I ever dreamed could be possible, mostly due to the circles of influence I gained in serving the association with so many quality professionals.”

The deadline to respond to the Call for Volunteers is March 12, 2021. Volunteers will be notified of their management or board committee assignment no later than mid-June. IAVM welcomes your expertise and commitment to our active and talented group of volunteers. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rosanne Duke.

To find out about all the volunteer opportunities and the Nomination Form please visit the IAVM website.


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