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Episode 1 – Marketing Your Venue

Join us for episode 1 in season 3 of the VMA Digital Series brought to you by the Venue Management School. Join Phil King AVM, General Manager of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium and David Ray, General Manager of Digital Platforms WooliesX,  as they discuss how marketing is applied to the day-to-day operations of venues. This session provides insights into building and maintaining a consistent brand particularly in light of COVID19.

Episode 2 – Changing Technology Requirements

Join us for episode 2 in season 3 of the VMA Digital Series brought to you by the Venue Management School. Join Steve Mackenzie, Executive Vice President at Ungerboeck and Manish Chandak, President and CEO of Ungerboeck, as they talk about the changing technology requirements of the venue management industry and the modifications venues have had to face due to COVID19.

Episode 3 – Contracts and Business Law

Join us for episode 3 in season 3 of the VMA Digital Series brought to you by the Venue Management School. Adam Lister, Group General Counsel for ASM Global (Asia Pacific) and Sam Constance, General Manager of Memberships and Legal for VenuesLive discuss how venues have adapted regarding contract and business law over the last 18 months. This session is designed to arm venue managers with some insights into current trends and issues facing a range of different venue types in the industry.

Episode 4 – From Lockdown to Lights On – North America in Focus

Join us for this special international session as Wayne Middleton talks with special guests Russ Simons, Managing Partner & Chief Listening Officer with the US based Venue Solutions Group and Meg Walker, GM of Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, about the current status of the North American industry, their recovery and reopening from COVID and what this can mean for our industry down under.

Episode 5 – From Lockdown to Lights On – Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Join us for this special international session as ASM Global’s Paul Sergeant talks with with special guest Jon Babbs, Stadium Director at EPL Club’s, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, about the return of 62,000 fans to full house EPL games. Our panel explore how Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has built up their capability to now see a full house of 62,000 fans at their last home game against Manchester City.


Episode 1 – Thursday 8th October 2020 – Let’s talk about our Mental Health

Join us for episode 1 in season 2 of the VMA Digital Series. Join radio host, TV personality, and mental health champion Gus Worland as we talk about mental health. As founder and Chairman of the Gotcha4Life Foundation Gus have made it his mission to tackle mental health in our communities and the alarming rate of suicide. Gus will be interviewed by Phil King AVM, VMA Board member, VMS Instructor and Gotcha4Life mate.

Episode 2 – Thursday 12th November 2020 – Challenging Racism

Join us for episode 2 in season 2 of the VMA Digital Series as we talk about Challenging Racism. Racism can effect everyone and anyone that enters our venues – from the talent that performs, our patrons and staff. Join us as we address this significant issue and explore what we can do as venue managers to challenge this. MC Todd Greenberg leads this important conversation with Dean Widders – Anaiwan Indigenous Australian former professional rugby league footballer, Rana Hussain – Diversity and Inclusion Leader, and Bruce Djite – Director of Football, Adelaide United and former Socceroo.

Episode 3 – Thursday 10th December 2020 – Green shoots appearing for our Industry

Join us for episode 3 in season 2 of the VMA Digital Series. What are some lessons learnt from the recent success of the sporting codes, the historic AFL grand final in Brisbane, performance is starting to return to stage and what some of our major events will look like into next year. This week’s guests are Brock Gilmour, CEO of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, Tim Worton, Director of Arenas at ASM Global, and Mark Zundans, GM of The Gabba.


Week 1 – Wednesday 13th May  – Showcasing Our Industry In Times Of Adversity

Featuring panellists:

Phil King AVM (General Manager – Adelaide Entertainment Centre & Coopers Stadium), discussing Opportunity in Adversity – finding the opportunities that exist through repurposing and knowing what is the right decision when presented with those prospects.

Brendan Hines (General Manager – Spark Arena) with A perspective from the trenches: Business Disruption , Continuity and Recovery, and

Brian Nash (Director of Audio Visual Services – ICC Sydney) talks about Being flexible and innovative in a venue that within in a few weeks lost all events. The creation of fully functioning broadcast quality studios.

Week 2 – Wednesday 20th May – People & Culture – Immediate Challenges & Working from Home

Join us for part 2 in the VMA Digital Series as HR specialists Becc Barry (Venues Live) and Amanda Wilson (MCEC) explore how we are responding to the multitude of challenges COVID-19 is throwing at venues and their workforce. Communications, Leadership, Work From Home, Wellness and Recovery.

Week 3 – Wednesday 27th May – The effects of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry

Join us for a revised week 3 schedule where we will bring you a great discussion on the effects of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry. We have secured Entertainment Editor of the Nine Network and industry legend, Richard Wilkins AM, alongside Dr. David Heslop, Associate Professor and researcher at UNSW, currently advising the NRL’s Project Apollo, and leading this esteemed group will be industry icon Tim Worton from ASM Global.

Week 4 – Wednesday 3rd June – Relationship Management – Venue and Supplier Perspective

Join us for week 4 as we discuss – Relationship Management – venue and supplier perspective – Join panellists Anthony Duffy from staffing specialists – VIPeople, Tara Filder the GM at Secure Assets and Events, and industry stalwart Rod Pilbeam, COO at ASM Global – as we explore how the pandemic has placed the traditional venue/supplier relationship under enormous pressure. Issues such as cashflow, continuity of services and strategic planning for re-opening are all critical matters if both venues and suppliers are to survive the impact of Covid-19.

Week 5 – Wednesday 10th June  – Leadership – The Big Picture of Crisis Management

Join us for part 5 in the VMA Digital Series as industry leaders Andrew Travis (Melbourne & Olympic Parks), Kim Bedier (Tacoma Venues) and Todd Greenberg share their stories on leading teams during challenging times. What strategies have these leaders adopted? What has worked well for them and what would they do differently next time. Where have they been getting their inspiration from? What are their focuses during different phases of dealing with a challenge?

Week 6 – Wednesday 17th June – Business Readiness – reopening & recovery

Join us for part 6 in the VMA Digital Series as we explore how our venues are gearing up for reopening and recovery. Joining us on the panel will the Helen Fairclough, the Director of Business Relaunch at MCEC, Heather Clarke, Head of Event Operations and Planning at the Sydney Opera House and Mark Zundans CVE, the General Manager at The Gabba.

Week 7 –Wednesday 24th June – Introducing the Live Entertainment Industry Forum

Join us for part 7 in the VMA Digital Series as we introduce the Live Entertainment Industry Forum. Recently launched to build confidence in our industry’s preparedness to return from the COVID-19 crisis. Join VMA President, Steve Harper CVE, LEIF, Chair James Sutherland, Venues Live Managing Director, Daryl Kerry and Glen Rainsbury CVE, Director of Venue Strategy, Frontier Touring as we discuss this industry initiative.

Week 8 – Wednesday 1 July 2020 – Global Wrap

Join us for our final webinar in the VMA Digital Series as we bring the industry together from around the global to wrap up where we are, what’s next and most importantly what we have learned. Join our VMS Chair, Wayne Middleton CVE as he talks with Tammy Koolbeck CVE, Chair of the IAVM (North America), Mark Cochrane, Regional Manager Asia Pacific for UFI (Asia) and EVANZ (NZ) Chair, Keith Parker, as we take a final look at how COVID-19 has impacted our industry.

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