Creating Industry Trailblazers through Professional Development

Jan 10, 2024Blog, Professional Development Workshop

Are you ready to transform your team members into industry trailblazers, armed with practical skills and a network that propels them to excel in event and venue management? Get ready to elevate your team’s skill set with VMA Professional Development Workshops – a strategic investment tailored for emerging professionals navigating the ever-evolving industry landscape.

A PD Workshop is more than just a training session; it’s a hands-on experience guided by industry experts. These face-to-face half-day sessions aren’t about theoretical jargon; they’re a deep dive into the skills critical for success in leading teams, managing people, leadership, and personal growth.

Imagine the impact these workshops will have on your emerging and young professionals – not just equipping them with knowledge but arming them with the tools to tackle real-world challenges, streamline operations, and deliver unforgettable experiences. The workshops aren’t just about learning; they’re about forging connections. The interactive environment creates a network of industry connections that go beyond the event, opening doors for collaboration and innovative problem-solving amongst a cohort of like-minded peers. Marie-Claire Wood remarked about the 2023 Brisbane PD Workshop “I thought the Professional Development Workshop was a well executed opportunity to connect with colleagues. The topics were interesting and the speakers were really engaging. I will definitely be signing up for the next one..

Registering your team for a PD Workshop near you isn’t just an investment in their career growth; it’s a strategic move towards cultivating a workforce that’s adept, innovative, and deeply connected. Start this New Year on the right foot by seizing this incredible opportunity to champion and nurture talent within your organisation, giving them the practical skills and network connections that drive success in the competitive realm of venue management.

Ready to redefine your team’s trajectory? Explore our upcoming PD Workshops and secure your team’s spot now:

We look forward to launching another successful year of professional development, with our first PD Workshop of 2024 set for HBF Stadium in Perth on Wednesday, 6 March. We are equally excited that Scott Taylor CPP will once again be joining us as the Anchor Speaker for many of our workshops.


Here’s what the VMA community had to say about PD Workshops in 2023:

I enjoyed the workshop and the speakers presented well; providing information on important topics while keeping them engaging. I will definitely be interested in attending further VMA workshops!” – Jaxon Gibb, Perth PD Workshop

“The session with Scott Taylor was really interesting. I have a Masters degree in Event Organisation and it is the first time I have received training in security. I think this very important that event managers receive this kind of training to be more vigilant during their events, to have a better understanding of the security staff’s constraints and requirements and to work better as a team with them.” –Elodie Auvary, Canberra PD Workshop

All speakers were very informative and it’s great they’re always willing to talk and give advice to everyone.” – Brendan Coull, Melbourne PD Workshop

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