Application Form 2020

If you are interested in gaining recognition for your achievements within the venue management industry and believe you have sufficient venue management experience to become an AVM, please complete the following application form to determine your eligibility.

Application Form

  • Personal Details

  • Tertiary Education (Maximum: 50 points)

  • Venue Management Experience – Minimum 2 years (Maximum: 50 points)

  • Education Programs (Maximum: 50 points)

  • Intensive Education Programs (Maximum: 50 points)

  • 5 points per program
  • Teaching and Program Participation (Maximum: 30 points)

  • 5 points per program
  • Publications (Maximum 50 points)

  • Professional and Community Activities (Maximum 20 points)

  • Total Points

  • This number represents the total of your points scored, but does not necessarily ensure you meet the 150 point minimum as each category carries a maximum allowable points value. The VMA will review your score when submitted and advise eligibility to proceed with your application.

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