Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress: Program Snapshots

Apr 4, 2019Blog

The Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress is the single largest meeting of venue professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Approximately 400 high-profile venue managers, industry professionals and suppliers make it a priority to attend each year. Taking place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 26-28 of May, this unique event brings together delegates from stadiums, entertainment arenas, convention and exhibition centres, performing arts centres, racecourses, and showgrounds from across the Asia-Pacific region for engaging educational content, including motivational presentations and diverse technical sessions presented by local and international industry leaders. Gain the knowledge and industry connections you need to succeed in the venue management industry!

Discover what is to come at this year’s extensive educational program at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress featuring keynote sessions, panels and workshops presented by industry-leading experts. Following are just a few featured excerpts from our leading professionals…

The catering space in venues is changing at a rapid rate. From using new technology and cashless systems to streamline the order and fulfillment process, to the rise of 5 star dietary based menus, the patrons at our venues are demanding an enhanced experience.

The ability for venues to optimise and monetise the entirety of their physical spaces, planning for flexibility and activating an entire precinct are now critical for venues to generate additional revenues and move from event based traffic to daily traffic flows.

Listen to our panel of experts discuss all the innovations happening in this area across venues.

With the global proliferation of drones how are they going to impact on the way we manage and protect our venues into the future. Our industry leading drone experts brief us on a variety of aspects that you need to understand.

Starting with what are the current licencing and operational regulations in relation to drone ownership and use?

How do you innovate and adapt and understand the way drone technology can be used in enhancing the audience experience and engagement.

What applications do drones offer as an operational force multiplier – whether that be asset management, incident response and working at heights?

From a security perspective drones can not only help protect your assets and patrons, but brings an additional layer of security protocols – ambush marketing, malicious drone operators and terrorism are now very likely scenarios that venues need to be able to respond to.

Facial recognition is a powerful technology and it is being used increasingly more in the venue and events industry. It can benefit event organizers in many ways, from speeding up check-in to enhancing security and improving the user experience.

This session will cover different aspects about this technology including: what is facial recognition and how does it work, ways it can be used to improve your event, misconceptions about facial recognition and how to address privacy.


Check out the 2019 Congress Program Schedule for all of the above session time and details.

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