Terms & Conditions

VMA Affiliate Terms and Conditions

VMA Constitution and Code of Conduct

All individuals accepted into the VMA Affiliate Program agree to be bound by the VMA Constitution, the code of conduct, and all notices and directives of the VMA. New VMA Affiliate Program applications will not be processed until the individual accepts these terms and conditions.

Transfer to VMA membership

At any stage during the program term VMA Affiliate members may elect to apply for full VMA membership status. VMA Affiliate Program membership is non transferrable and will end on 31st January 2021, or as directed by the VMA.


1. Each application subject to final approval by the VMA.

2. That individual must broadly meet the eligibility criteria for membership as established in the VMA Constitution.

3. Participation in the program is not transferable.

4. A current financial VMA member is not eligible for the program and cannot substitute their existing membership for this package.

5. VMA reserves the right to put a ceiling on the number of program participants.


The VMA Affiliate will not be regarded as a Member of the Association nor eligible to receive all of the rights and benefits attached to membership of the Association.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct represents the desire of members of the VMA to establish the ethical and professional conduct expected to lead and elevate the venue management profession.

By joining VMA, members agree to be bound by the standards of the code and include it as part of their working habits within their organisations, with clients, colleagues and the community.

Members who obtain the status of Accredited Venue Manager (AVM) or Certified Venue Executive (CVE) must abide and are bound by the standards of the code of conduct in order to maintain their certification.

Advancing the Profession – VMA members are expected to enhance the good name of the profession and to promote the importance of professional venue management in the workplace, the business community and broader society.

Leadership – VMA members will, to the extent of their ability and opportunity, lead others, by modelling competent and ethical behaviour, by fostering an ethical work environment, and by fulfilling their professional role selflessly.

Honesty – VMA members will be honest, objective and truthful in their words, actions and representations and will not knowingly mislead their employer, employees or clients.

Integrity – VMA members will act with integrity and trustworthiness and will not promote their own self-interest or allow personal interest to undermine their objectivity, accuracy, independence and behaviour.

Lawfulness – VMA members will not act unlawfully or advise in any way that would knowingly countenance, encourage or assist unlawful conduct by their employer, employees or clients.

Confidentiality – VMA members will respect the private or proprietary nature of information received in the course of their work and will not disclose confidential information without the express consent of those concerned or as provided for by law.

Justice – VMA members will foster equal opportunity and non-discrimination and seek to establish and maintain fair, reasonable and equitable standards of treatment of individuals by their employer and by all employees in the organisation, through their own behaviour and through the policies and practices of their employer.

Competence – VMA members will maintain the highest standards possible in the advice, information and guidance they provide employees, employers and clients and commit themselves to maintaining and enhancing their professional knowledge, skills and competence through continuous professional development.

Organisational capability – VMA members will contribute to and encourage the learning and development of employees and will seek to achieve the fullest possible development of people for present and future organisational needs.

Inclusion and diversity – VMA members will, to the extent of their ability and opportunity, seek to constructively engage with job seekers in the workforce irrespective of gender identity and orientation, age, disability, ethnicity and cultural background.

Privacy Notice

VMA is concerned with the protection of your privacy. We support the privacy principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), as amended. VMA collects and stores your personal information for the purposes of providing membership services, education and training programs. Here is how your data may be used:

  • Communication from VMA: VMA may use your details to promote products and services in the form of email communications and/or other types of communication. Email if you would prefer not to receive communications from VMA.
  • For the purposes of the event: Your details will be provided to parties directly related to the event including the event registration manager, venues and accommodation providers for the purpose of room bookings, catering needs and other conference options.
  • Communication from third parties: Event sponsors and exhibitors may be provided with attendee details following the event. There is an ‘opt out’ option on the registration form should you not wish for your details to be shared with the event sponsors and exhibitors. Alternatively contact to opt out.
  • View VMA’s full privacy policy.

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