Effective Venue Management with NetSuite ERP

Apr 23, 2024Blog, Supplier Spotlight

Effective financial and operational management is crucial for sporting grounds, conference centres, stadiums, arenas, entertainment and hospitality venues, and other event venues. Managing such venues effectively ensures not only the smooth execution of events but also enhances attendee satisfaction and maximises revenue. This is where NetSuite ERP comes into play, serving as a transformative tool that streamlines all facets of venue operations in a unified single platform.

Key Features of NetSuite ERP for Venue Management

NetSuite ERP offers comprehensive features that cater to the diverse needs of venue management. The Financial Management system integrates all financial operations from Point of Sale and subsidiary management, consolidations, and reporting. Gain complete visibility into, and control over, the entire business in real-time while eliminating double entry and costly systems and integration overhead.

Payroll, Rostering and Time and Attendance is simplified with shift scheduling, captures time and attendance across your workforce, and calculate wages. Digital time tracking makes it easy for employees to clock in and out on a computer or mobile device. The mobile app provides a convenient way for managers and employees to accomplish common tasks, such as viewing schedules and managing shift swaps to ensure scheduling accuracy for adequate coverage. Effective People Management ensures the right staff are in the right places at the right times.

For customer service, the integrated solution gives everyone that works with the customer – sales, support, service, and fulfilment – access to complete key customer data in real time to support customers while leveraging upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Jobs and Work Order management supports facilities management where scheduling, asset management and rostering is critical to maintain high health, safety, and quality standards.

With Custom APIs seamless integrations with other venue-specific solutions expands NetSuite’s capability and adaptability to different requirements.

A living example of NetSuite in Action

Solotel is a third-generation hospitality business with over 26 unique venues across Sydney who selected NetSuite OneWorld to bring multiple venues to grain single, consolidated view on a single platform. Migrating from a legacy accounting system they were unable to get a clear view of the group or individual businesses easily.  With custom APIs, the integration of POS and key systems directly into NetSuite they can view the consolidated group, or drill down to individual entities, giving them a clear picture of the financial status at any-time. With a complex operational and technology architecture, NetSuite has improved the operational and financial visibility across the organisation, saving the Solotel team time by removing repetitive tasks and a reduction in the time to close the month-end for all businesses and the group.

NetSuite ERP is an indispensable tool for venue managers looking to improve their operational functionality and efficiencies. We encourage all conference attendees to visit our booth for a demonstration and to discuss how NetSuite ERP can improve your venue management efficiencies.

About OneKloudX:

OneKloudX is a leading provider of end-to-end NetSuite solutions, specialising in tailoring services to optimise business processes. Our award-winning team is committed to delivering solutions that perfectly align with our clients’ operational goals, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – their customers, their people, and their business.

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