Why venues should opt for delivering their events in a hybrid format

Dec 2, 2020Supplier Spotlight

Months after the first apparition of the global pandemic – bringing a dose of unknown and forcing us to change our ever ways of doing things, we can now take stock and see that a lot of positive learning has come out of it.

This challenging time has opened doors on new opportunities – such as hybrid event deliveries. We have seen various iterations of hybrid events throughout 2020 and we have now landed on a successful model – having on site Delegates at the venue, with online Delegates engaging in networking and the content virtually through a hybrid event Platform.

Increase your reach and broader the attendance
Adding virtual elements to physical events have enabled us to deliver the benefits of face-to-face meetings to an extended reach and impact. For instance, Delegates from jurisdictions that cannot travel due to various reasons have now the chance to join the events: the price of the flights and accommodation are not an obstacle anymore.

Another benefit of hybrid events is to provide an alternative to a possible inability to accommodate everyone wanting to attend. Despite great meeting facilities with large rooms available around the globe, conferences could often reach the number of maximum persons allowed in the room, especially when it comes to international events. Offering a hybrid solution to your clients for their events will resolve this limitation and will allow smaller venues to hold larger events.

Example of a successful hybrid event
The REINSW Awards for Excellence is a perfect example of successful hybrid events. This Awards night had people, MCs and speakers at the Doltone House in Sydney, as well as virtually with Delegates and speakers in their offices and at homes, all around the state. It was a resounding success: this event demonstrated that adding a virtual element to events delivered from a venue is a great way of successfully delivering an event in the unknown time we are in.

Deliver your event both in-person and online
This year has highlighted alternatives and confirmed that the industry was ready to experience a permanent switch to hybrid offerings.
There is no better time to extend the opportunities traditional events offer by opting for a hybrid solution. It provides flexibility to your clients’ delegates, connect a global audience, reduces costs, and is infinitely scalable with as many Delegates, sponsors exhibitors and speakers as you like.

As a company, we love working directly with venues to help their clients run a successful hybrid event. This comes at no cost to the venue and is a major value-ad to the events held at the venue.

If you are looking at running hybrid events, we would love to chat! Contact Delegate Connect at +61 3 9034 5221.

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