The VMA Welcomes Evolv Technology as IVSS Bursary Sponsor

Jun 19, 2024Blog, Industry News, IVSS, Member News

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Evolv Technology as an industry supporter of the Institute of Venue Safety and Security (IVSS). This sponsorship enables the establishment of the Evolv Technology Bursary, designed to recognising the highest-performing Year 1 student at IVSS.

This prestigious award covers the tuition fees for Year 2 of the program, providing invaluable support to the deserving recipient as they continue their journey towards enhancing security and safety expertise. We’d like to thank Evolv Technology for your commitment to this initiative and welcome you to the VMA.

To understand more about Evolv Technology and their views on safety and security within the industry, we had the opportunity to speak with them directly. Here’s what they had to say:


Could you please introduce your company and discuss its views on the importance of safety and security within the industry?

Evolv is transforming human security alongside partners like Convergint. We are both committed to providing innovative solutions that address the need to improve the layers of security a venue has whilst providing a better customer experience. Screening of people and bags that’s seamless, low-profile, and highly intelligent — that’s what we do.


What trends are you observing in the safety and security industry, and how do you foresee them evolving?

We are seeing a significant shift towards the digitisation of venues and data driven decision making globally. This shift has been coupled with an increasing awareness of how customer satisfaction and experience drives retention, as guests now demand an elevated experience from street to seat. Venue managers are continuously looking at how they can improve, elevate, and differentiate the customer journey. This includes the security screening process, normally the first impression someone has of a venue, making it an important milestone.


How does your company view the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the industry?

Evolv recognises that for the next generation of talent to thrive knowledge transfer is vital. Best practises must be shared by venue managers amongst peers as well as by the industry experts that serve them. This is the reason we have built a customer community on the web, The Bridge, to enable sharing & collaboration between Evolv Customers globally.


How important is it for your company to contribute to the advancement of security knowledge and skills within the industry by providing a bursary opportunity to an IVSS student?

The bursary provides Evolv with the perfect opportunity to contribute to the ongoing professional development of the next generation of venue managers and to help fulfil our mission of creating safer spaces around the world through this knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices. it was an obvious choice to partner with the VMA for the IVSS program to play our part in the continued development and sharing of knowledge in the security and safety industry.


Why do you believe it is important for venue and security professionals to attend the IVSS program?

Programmes like the IVSS serve an important purpose for the continued development of venue management and security professionals. The upskilling of venue managers & security professionals is vital to safeguard against the risks and evolving threats to venues globally.


Enrol in IVSS to take the next step in your professional journey towards enhancing venue safety and security. With support from industry leaders like Evolv Technology, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this vital field. Join us in our mission to create safer venues.

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