Momentus invites all Young Professionals of the Venue Industry to nominate!

Mar 1, 2023Blog

Once again, our Young Achiever of the Year Award is proudly sponsored by Momentus Technologies. We had the privilege to ask Charlotte Cailleaux, Global Marketing Director at Momentus Technologies, about the significance of sponsoring such events for their organization and our industry.

According to the tech company, sponsoring the Venue Industry Awards is one of the best ways to recognise and encourage innovation and excellence in companies and organisations that contribute to the growth and development of the venue industry and community.

Read how sponsoring an award, provides the winners with multiple opportunities for networking and building relationships with key individuals or organisations in the industry. Along with recognising and celebrating their achievements, it leads to increased productivity and promotes a challenging mindset.

Why do you choose to sponsor the Young Achiever of the Year Award?

At Momentus Technologies, we are passionate about driving innovations and helping shape the future of the event and venue industry. Sponsoring the Young Achiever Award is a great way to recognise the outstanding contribution of our young professionals and give the winner the opportunity to join the Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress the following year, where they can learn, share, and grow amongst their peers and mentors.

As a long-standing sponsor of the awards, what is a favourite part of the process?

I love to learn about all the amazing things candidates have achieved over the past twelve months. I find their enthusiasm and passion inspiring, and I am always amazed to read their stories and the impact they’ve made in their venue.

As a sponsor of the award, why do you think it is important to recognise young achievers in our industry?

Our industry is full of passionate people who strive to make a difference and deliver exceptional event experiences. These awards acknowledge their ongoing efforts and encourage them to continue to challenge themselves.

My hope is to provide the winner of this award with the opportunity to advance their career and connect them with other young leaders in our industry to help them grow their network.

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