Global uncertainty drives increased need for cyber security protection

Jun 4, 2020Supplier Spotlight

Cyber security threats are not a new phenomenon. Information technology systems have always needed protection from unauthorised access. However, today we face a new era in cyber-attacks that has emerged as a direct result of the increased use of the Internet of things (IoT) in venues and globalisation. The COVID 19 challenges we are currently confronting have further compounded this problem.

Leading Australian technical services company, Grosvenor Engineering Group (Grosvenor) has exclusively partnered with Seattle based cyber disruptor Tempered Networks ( to launch an Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) game changer – Grosvenor Cyber Solutions (GCS).

GCS provides a cloaking security technology offered as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The service targets operational technology (OT) ecosystems owned by large corporate businesses, government organisations and property owners who are concerned about cyber risk and managing assets more securely.’s technology offers scalable hyper-fast deployment enabling suppliers, vendors and employees globally secure remote access.

Nicholas Lianos, Managing Director at Grosvenor comments, “The business identified a wide gap in security for operational technology networks within our customer base. Grosvenor Cyber Solutions is focused on protecting buildings on a mass scale. It is also the fundamental starting point for analytics and OT network maintenance services that Grosvenor now offers to property owners.

“The technology operates on a secure networking protocol called Host Identity Protocol and provides Micro – segmentation, with a fully zero-trust security posture, supported by unique digital 2048 – bit Cryptographic ID (CIDs) military grade certificates and multi-factor authentication.”

“’s Airwall is by far the best global solution. It is more scalable, cost-effective and deployable when compared to old world security technologies,” he added.

Grosvenor is the first company in the ANZ region to partner with and has exclusive distribution and marketing rights to promote the cyber security technology solution in this region.

Cal Jeffrey from Tempered Networks, comments, “GCS provides a holistic approach to servicing clients and offers a complete turnkey building intelligence solution. This approach presents the ideal framework to support our cyber security technology solution.

“As a modern solution to a legacy problem, GCS and provide a unique service for OT/BAS cyber. Other solutions rely on failed and archaic architectures that are expensive, unreliable and unsecure.”

“Nearly every building owner has multiple vendors and remote access, but no security. The emergence of internet connected buildings is creating tremendous risk as they seek more efficient and profitable operations. GCS and secure these buildings and protect profitability,” Mr Jeffrey added.’s Airwall utilises a proprietary approach along with additional industry standard security protocols that are used by major corporations globally.

Key features of GCS include securing and cloaking all IT/OT networks; secure remote access for employees working from home and protection of assets and intellectual property, data and people.

It is also fully managed and saves capital expenditure by providing set cashflow and liquidity for building owners.

GCS’s service can integrate into any building. Buildings are centrally managed and secured through a single connection to reduce cyber risk and improve overall security posture.

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