DoMore and the VMA – let’s challenge racism

Oct 21, 2020Blog


Next month in episode 2 of the VMA Digital Series we will be casting the spotlight on racism and the impact it is having on our industry. Everyone and anyone that enters our venues can be effected by this often ugly issue – from our staff, our patrons and performers.

In an effort to challenge what is happening and ask ourselves what role we can play to create change the VMA has joined with the DoMore Project to start a conversation.

The Domore Project was launched in August 2020 with the aim to amplify the discussion around racism, led by the voices of prominent Australians from all backgrounds. We want to challenge existing beliefs and raise awareness of the negative impact of racism in all its forms on individuals, the wider community, and how Australians can enact positive change and create a future Australia that is equal for everyone.

The recent prominence of the Black Lives matter movement in the US has seen racism challenged and placed under the microscope around the world. It has created a global opportunity for change. Combined with decades of homegrown activism for Indigenous lives, Australia is now presented with a unique opportunity to DoMore to achieve racial equality.

DoMore is a call to action for all Australians to be allies and commit to act on being more informed, more educated, more engaged in conversation and in turn, create positive change to eradicate racism.

We can all DoMore:

  • More people informed (LISTEN): For Australians to DoMore, we must listen and challenge our existing beliefs. The DoMore project shares the stories and experiences of Australians, amplifying these voices as a vehicle to confront the impact of racism and equality.
  • More people educated (LEARN): DoMore encourages Australians to learn from these experiences, as well as raise awareness for structural racism that exists, existing causes and current legislation.
  • More people engaged (ACTION): DoMore wants to ignite conversation amongst individuals, families, households and workplaces empowered to act on eliminating racism and create an equal future. The DoMore website carries the stories and videos from our ambassadors and others, as well as showcase existing causes you can donate to, campaigns you can take part in and a place to have discussions around how to create change and encourage people to DoMore. Learn more about DoMore – and join us for the next episode in the VMA Digital Series on 12th November 2020.


Learn more about DoMore – and join us for the next episode in the VMA Digital Series on 12th November 2020.

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