The VMA Board


The VMA is governed by a Board of ten Active Members and two Allied Non-Executive Members who are elected by our VMA Members.

Board Directors serve for a three-year term and may nominate for re-election if they wish.

Each year, the VMA Board elects from within its own ranks the statutory positions of VMA Chairman (President); Chairman Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (Treasurer); Chairman Membership Committee (Secretary); Chairman Professional Development Committee (VMS representative); and Chairman Congress Committee.

These statutory positions form the Executive Committee, with all other Directors serving on one or more of those committees as allocated.

Current VMA Board Members


Steve Harper CVE

VMA Chair
Chris Farrell AVM Chair, Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
David Krug

Chair, Membership and Marketing Committee

Leighton Wood

Chair, Professional Development Committee

Patricia McNamara CVE

Chair, Congress Committee

Brendan Hines  
Phil King AVM  
Milton OBrien CVE  
Michael Scott  
Paul Sergeant  
Judy Vince CVE  
Natalie Valentine  


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