In this post pandemic world the use of technology has helped venues worldwide become more efficient and provide many services without the need for human interaction. We take a quick look at a few recent innovations.

Venue & Event Management Solutions
The proliferation of venue and event management solutions has grown in recent years as technology has improved. By onboarding platforms like VenuePro operators can streamline and automate time consuming or inefficient processes that would normally be carried out manually.

Contactless solutions
Usage of contactless technology has accelerated over the last 18 months as venue and event operators needed to find ways to minimise interaction with visitors and guests.

The Internet of Things
The use cases of IoT are significant ranging from monitoring and recording facility usage, identifying any malfunctions and equipment breakdowns as they happen, monitoring energy usage, tracking and managing visitor flows and faster transmission of data and understanding of visitor behaviour.

Wearable technology
Items such as smart wristbands and badges using near-field communication (NFC) chips allow cashless payments, contactless entry and keep lines and crowding to a minimum. They also ensure a more secure environment by reducing potential fraud, controlling access to certain areas and make processes more streamlined.

Technologies such as VenuePro have been created to increase efficiency, improve visitor experiences and reduce operating costs, and will continue to evolve and adapt. This will ensure a more profitable and successful venue and events sector in the future.

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