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The future of events, venues, resource bookings, and management solutions!

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the industry over the last two years and posed an unprecedented challenge to the community and economy.

With a combination of innovation and quality, OPTIMO aspires to make the future safe for the industry, staff, and customers, prioritising the last two years to develop strategies and ways to make it safe and convenient for all through innovative software features.

OPTIMO, with 21+ years of experience in the venue and event space, is the only platform that offers a fully blown ticketing, event, and venue management system with an online ticketing and venue hire component.

OPTIMO addresses the Covid-19 safe workflow requirements associated with any booking.

Customers can manage their venue bookings remotely using OPTIMO’s online booking portal in the safety of their homes or offices. Customers could include catering and inventory requirements, plus add their ticketing requirements, in addition to their venue booking.

The browser-based solution is accessible to venue and event staff anywhere, at any time, and on any device, allowing them to step through all the complexities of venue availability and manage venue bookings for their customers remotely while increasing staff efficiency and customer satisfaction levels in these unprecedented contactless times.



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