Globally, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has forced a transformation in the way venues function when hosting events. This has included significant adjustments to operational plans, commercial opportunities, resourcing models, infrastructure renewal and upgrade plans.

Whilst the uptake in vaccination rates is providing some much needed light at the end of the tunnel, the revival for places of mass gatherings continues to remain largely unknown.

For some venues, the return to life after COVID-19 will be a welcome return to “business as normal” activities. For others, the need to continually adjust business models and strategies will be an ongoing process well into the future.

There will be a need to look at how commercial models can be leveraged to drive additional revenues, how revolutionary new content can be included within an existing content mix and how existing infrastructure can be re-purposed or maximised to deliver improved outcomes.

MI is currently working alongside our Australian and International clients within our global network of partners, delivering projects such as feasibility reviews, commercial assessments, risk and contingency, and infrastructure master plans. Moving from a surviving to thriving mentality, we are helping reimagine the future and what success entails in a post-COVID world.

Sport, Events and Places are in our DNA and we are committed to working with the venues industry to ensure everyone has the confidence to return to some form of normal with a more resilient operation, in a more efficient and improved facility and with a more robust commercial plan.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we can add value to your venue or business.

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