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In this time of uncertainty and change, it is critical for venues and organisations to remain agile and responsive to the challenges that are presented. Hawkridge Entertainment Services is a boutique management consultancy company that specialises in providing strategic advice for the Venue Management industry. We are highly experienced in delivering expert guidance for organisations preparing and delivering complex infrastructure and strategic business projects.

Effective business planning is an essential management tool to assist determine what you plan to achieve, how you plan to achieve it, and when you hope to achieve it. Hawkridge Entertainment Services provides a range of assessment and evaluation techniques to assist in decision making, project and policy development and appraisal.  Our experience incorporates a diverse range of clients across venue infrastructure development design advice, feasibility studies, market sounding, Capital Expenditure Reviews, business plans and cases, strategic plans and reviews, financial modelling and facilities reviews.

Funding is more critical than ever with significant impacts on revenue however there are also opportunities for organisations who can adapt quickly. Having relevant information and data is essential for decision making. We can deliver financial analysis to a range of contexts including urban and regional development, strategic planning, market and need assessment, project evaluation and policy appraisal using analysis such as cost benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, economic impact and contribution assessment and feasibility analysis.

Our clients include state government, Councils, commercial organisations, venue operators, sporting teams and licensed clubs.

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