As we slowly move through numerous COVID lockdowns towards reopening our venues, what strategies do we need implement to be a “COVID Safe” venue and at the same time maintain a focus on security? One thing is clear, we have to be able to move people in and around our venues quicker than ever before.

Historically, bag searching has caused congestion at entry points at venues as the process is slow, labour intensive, and requires some interaction between security and patrons. In the “new normal” we will have to provide a reduced-contact, more free flowing entry process to avoid congestion and at the same time remain vigilant on the security of our patrons and employees.

Clear Bags provide a safe and speedy entry for patrons and reduce the pressure on Security Guards at entry points. Security Guards do not have to stop patrons carrying Clear Bags as the contents of the bags can easily been seen as the patron walks through the entry point.

While in the future we will learn to live with COVID 19, security will always be at the forefront in our planning for a safe environment for all that work and visit our venues.

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