Do you work in public places or venues where staff are asked to be the eyes and ears of your workplace in order to keep people and assets safe?

Do they know what they are looking for?

If they did identify something ‘suspicious’, would they know how to deal with it?

The Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry identified that mistakes were made. Mistakes were made by individuals and organisations. Having technologies like CCTV and metal detectors are fantastic tools but ONLY PEOPLE are able to have discussions, and make judgement calls.

At Baseline Behaviour and Consultancy we train people to know what to look out for and more importantly how to resolve it.

We provide staff with the skills to identify behaviour and practical application training methods mean they can deal with any situation in real time.

Designed by ex-law enforcement personnel with more than 20 years’ experience and specialised skills in body language, interviewing and deception detection. Our Situational Awareness, Behaviour Evaluation and Response (SABER) programs teach methods of non-stereotyping human behaviour detection and non-accusative conversational interview techniques, that will help with conflict management.

Effective application of behaviour detection by staff on the ground and in CCTV rooms can help deny, detect and deter crime of all forms occurring in your workplace. This is a vital tool to keep people safe, protect your assets and your organisations reputation.

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