Waste Management is changing. ‘WISE – It’s In Your Hands’ is a baseline supported by an absolute desire to develop not only sustainably but operationally logical solutions to the challenges of waste in the public sector. With over 35 years’ experience in providing cleaning and waste related services to the global venue, event and major events sector, the Lovett brothers (founders of Wise) were frustrated with the lack of innovation in waste management. The solution was to take a 21st century, technology led approach to the centuries old business of waste management and disposal. Traditional waste management as we know it has gone!

  • We focus on genuine Circular Economy solutions
  • Our mission is to find cost savings, using the best solutions available
  • We segregate at the source by breaking down waste streams and sending valuable commodities to the right locations – not the ones that will give the biggest margin
  • We educate key stakeholders during the process to facilitate long term change
  • We use data to drive solutions, we call it Sustainable Data Intelligence (SDI) via our proprietary Incognitus Integrated Command Enterprise (IICE) Platform
  • We eliminate single use plastic cups from venues by providing an easy ‘user pays’ process and a robust and reusable Wise cup
  • We deliver our customers strategic objectives targeting strong reduction from landfill, increased profitability, and improved sustainability results.

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