Ungerboeck Worldwide Innovation Lab

Ungerboeck is delighted to announce the launch of their Worldwide Innovation Lab under the direction of Steve Mackenzie, Chief Innovation Officer. The Innovation Lab is the first of its kind, bringing together key stakeholders across the industry to shape the next generation of venue and event management software.

The Lab’s mission is to understand the key challenges impacting the venue and event management industry and explore opportunities to improve event delivery and customer experiences with new, innovative and disruptive technologies. Most importantly, Lab members will put their research into practice by developing an innovation roadmap and rapidly prototyping new ideas to drive the industry forward using purpose-built and cutting-edge solutions.

Participation in The Lab is by invitation only. It offers the members an opportunity to convey their insights and make recommendations that will inform software development to support venue and event professionals to excel. For more information, please contact Steve Mackenzie at or review the project prospectus.

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