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Recent events in Indonesia, Korea and Melbourne have shown us how easily and quickly crowds can turn into disasters. Sadly all of the recent incidents were preventable had some planning been in place. And now that people are slowly coming back to events after 2 years of lock-downs, their expectations will be higher and numbers greater than before.
Stage Safety, in conjunction with the Event Safety Institute Australia, has started presenting the renowned Keith Still ‘Introduction to Crowd Science’ course in Australia and Nez Zealand.
The main aim is to empower venue managers, event producers, councils and local government with basic skills and tools to understand and implement crowd management strategies. Based around the ‘happy crowd is a cooperative crowd’ principle it looks at the event and what can be done to make sure the crowd expectations are met. The course explains how to use the DIM-ICE matrix by looking at Design, Information and Management during crowd Ingress, Circulation and Egress. This is a very simple tool that can quickly identify potential crowd issues. Another tool is RAMP that looks at Route; how do people get to your site, Area: how many people can we safely hold, Movement; how do people move around the site and why and People: what are the demographics of the expected crowd.

To learn about these tools and other Crowd Science strategies, have a look here: or contact Roderick on with any questions.

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