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Tags: Egress Safety, OHS/Risk Management and Professional Services

Recent events in Indonesia, Korea and Melbourne have shown us how easily and quickly crowds can turn into disasters. Sadly all of the recent incidents were preventable had some planning been in place. And now that people are slowly coming back to events after 2 years of lock-downs, their expectations will be higher and numbers greater than before.
Stage Safety, in conjunction with the Event Safety Institute Australia, has started presenting the renowned Keith Still ‘Introduction to Crowd Science’ course in Australia and Nez Zealand. Learn More.


Tags: Information Technology (IT), Production/ Technical/Back of House

Take Your Match-Day to The Next Level.

Ross Video is a leading video production technology manufacturer specialising in end-to-end solutions to help venues engage fans, increase revenue, and get the most out of their LED signage, big screen and scoreboard systems. From automating LED ribbon board sponsorship playout and content management to unifying the big screen, IPTV and stadium lighting systems for spectacular show pieces, Ross is helping customers engage fans and connect them to brands like never before, taking the in-venue experience to the next level! Learn More.


Tags: Asset Management/Venue Maintenance, Box Office, and Ticketing

dormakaba acquisition of Alvarado

Alvarado was purchased by the dormakaba group in mid-2019. For over 25 years, Alvarado has been a product solution that leading sports and entertainment venues have relied on for intelligent admission control solutions worldwide. Our GateLink10 admission control software and intelligent entry hardware is installed in over 200 locations globally. Representative customers include many of the world’s leading ticketing companies, NASCAR, NBA and MLB teams, 80% of the largest stadiums in Australia and New Zealand, dozens of colleges and North America’s largest regional theme park operator. Learn More

Tags: Asset Management/Venue Maintenance; Box Office and Ticketing; Facility Management; Guest Services/Front of House; Information Technology (IT); OHS/Risk Management and Security

The Importance of Analytics and Integrations to Boost Revenue, Improve Operational Efficiency, and Reduce Risk.

Two core innovations in the venue management industry to be aware of in 2023 are analytics and integrations. These innovations provide operators with the ability to make smart, data driven decisions that will boost revenue, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risk. Learn More

Tags: Information Technology (IT)

How to Establish an Efficient Control Room

All venues, stadiums and arenas need a cohesive and intuitive control room to ensure your operations run smoothly and your patrons go home safely.

At Chronosoft, we understand that every control room is different. However, there are 5 core concepts we recommend to ensure your control room maximises the overall performance of your venue while keeping your patrons safe. Learn More

Tags: Egress Safety

Failsafe Step Edge Visibility

Ecoglo’s E14-075 Step Edge Contrast consists of an anti-slip strip and high-visibility photoluminescent (PL) strip, providing superior stairway safety in all types of facility.

Ecoglo International, which has more than 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing premium PL safety products for commercial, sporting, educational and industrial facilities, has a long history of innovation based on genuine market need, world-class research and development aligned to global standards and regulations, and a commitment to high-quality fabrication. Learn More

Tags: Grounds/Turf Management and Presentation

Venue Maintenance with a Difference

Sustainability is an important part of our business, already being an environmental industry company. We enjoy providing ideas and outcomes for our clients, namely the venues and facilities sector, who actively promote ideas to minimise waste and recycling, and using new technologies. Our teams are on the cutting edge of new technologies, making use of brand-new machines such as Robot Line Markers and advanced systems such as Smart Irrigation Systems which can be accessed and controlled through smartphones.  Learn More

Tags: Box Office and Ticketing; COVID Safety

Every day, millions of people in more than 100 countries use HID products and services to securely access physical and digital places.

HID Global Event and Mobility Solutions (EMS) business unit has developed an omni-comprehensive platform for the full Event Management (EMP), to cover all Venue Management requirements. This platform is in use and in production helping major sports and event organizers to provide the security and event management functions. Learn More

Tags: Business Consulting; OHS/Risk Management; Professional Services and  Project Manager/Planning


There is no doubt ‘sustainability’ is the current buzz word in our industry, and rightly so, because there is no Planet B. And contrary to popular belief, environmental sustainability does not have to be at odds with delivering an incredible venue or event experience. In fact, in many cases, sustainable initiatives can lower costs. In our experience, eco-efficient venue and event practices can save money in many situations, particularly when it comes to renewable energy, sustainable food & beverage planning and design-for-reuse branding.  Learn More

Tags: Business Consulting; Food & Beverage/Hospitality Services; Guest Services/Front of House; Marketing Media PR Communications Technology Digital; Membership and Professional Services

The impact of COVID-19 is still being felt across many Australian venues but there is good news too, with emerging ‘back in business’-style stories shining a light on the transition into our new normal.

Building better partnerships for sustainable success

Many Australian hospitality venues kept pre-COVID catering contracts rolling over throughout the pandemic, as they simply didn’t know their options. But venues don’t have to settle for second-best, or poor-quality catering partnerships anymore. Learn More

Tags: Information Technology

Momentus Technologies (Ungerboeck) Worldwide Innovation Lab

Momentus Technologies (Ungerboeck) is delighted to announce the launch of their Worldwide Innovation Lab under the direction of Steve Mackenzie, Chief Innovation Officer. The Innovation Lab is the first of its kind, bringing together key stakeholders across the industry to shape the next generation of venue and event management software. Learn More

Tags: Cleaning and Venue Presentation; Facility Management

Waste Management is changing. ‘WISE – It’s In Your Hands’ is a baseline supported by an absolute desire to develop not only sustainably but operationally logical solutions to the challenges of waste in the public sector. With over 35 years’ experience in providing cleaning and waste related services to the global venue, event and major events sector, the Lovett brothers (founders of Wise) were frustrated with the lack of innovation in waste management. Learn More

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