How to Establish an Efficient Control Room

All venues, stadiums and arenas need a cohesive and intuitive control room to ensure your operations run smoothly and your patrons go home safely.

At Chronosoft, we understand that every control room is different. However, there are 5 core concepts we recommend to ensure your control room maximises the overall performance of your venue while keeping your patrons safe.

  1. Command

Having a clearly defined command structure within the room ensures that decisions are managed and escalated to reflect the interests of all parties. Holding pre and post briefings along with mid event huddles ensures the tempo of the room is maintained.

  1. Technology

Using an intelligent incident management software, such as Chronicler (our customisable risk and incident management platform) allows your control room to gather, manage, respond and audit information quickly and efficiently, enabling you to efficiently manage all incidents.

  1. Collaboration

Control rooms can get busy. Keep your team task-focused, ensuring information is channelled to the right agency early, and prioritised.

  1. Layout

Design a control room layout that enhances command structure, workflow and collaboration.  Ensuring people are seated comfortably and in view of the information required enhances their ability to perform.

  1. Personnel Positioning

Consider the individuals represented and adjust positions based on their duties: Consider; which agencies need to collaborate and interact frequently, who will frequently need to escalate information, and agencies who may need to move around the room.

Visit to discover more information about control room management for your venue or talk to our team to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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