The New Normal

What we’re learning from those on the other side of mass infections.

The post covid world is happening quicker in Europe and the US. Infection rates wreaked havoc on health systems. Our Island home had insulated us from full blown community outbreak, although that’s changed somewhat, it’s also left us behind the rest of the world in recovery. They learnt that vaccination was the key to returning to some form of normality. What does their new normal look like?

Learnings from stadia, venues and event business in Europe and the US is showing that venues with greater control and contactless infrastructure are reaping the benefits during the recovery. Guests have seen the worst covid had to offer and they want to know that venues are looking after their safety.

Venues who have invested in contactless operations are opening earlier and attracting convention business. An example of this is the wholesale move away from hand scanning for guest ingress due to it not being a covid safe practice. In the US alone over the past 12 months we’ve upgraded access control at over 30 major stadiums removing hand scanning and focusing on our contactless access control gates and pedestals. In Europe our numbers are higher.

Greater control over “touch points” excuse the pun, is the path many are taking to ensure their guests are kept as safe as possible. NFC and e-ticketing has increased dramatically. The cashless stadium is so yesterday, it’s now the contactless stadium which is winning the guests over.

If you are interested in exploring contactless solutions for your venue, please contact David Brown from Team Axess Australia Pty Ltd.

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